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MN Mini Market’s First Blog Post!

Welcome everyone!

We decided that Minnesota Miniatures Market (MN Mini Market for short!) needed to join the world of the miniatures blog. We hope that in the coming months, our blog posts can share tips and tricks for building the best miniatures scenes possible!

We also will be making videos, so stay tuned for those!

↓ Comment below to tell us what kinds of content you would like to see from the MN Mini Market Blog. ↓

3 thoughts on “MN Mini Market’s First Blog Post!

  1. It’s always inspiring to see mini projects – love the kitchen plan! Maybe you could host guest mini artists to show us some of their projects and spark our imaginations.

  2. Wish we had an actual miniature store in the Minneapolis or St Paul area.

    1. Hi Wendy! Lots of people have shared the same thought! While MN Mini Market is still small, we would love to grow into a business large enough to support a physical store. Stay tuned!

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