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Welcome to our Mini Kitchen! – Updated Photos!

❀ Happy Spring everyone! ❀

Spring is here in Minnesota, and it has us thinking about new projects and all things green! That’s why we here at Minnesota Miniatures Market decided to start a video series. And not just any video series, but videos starring tiny food! We’ve seen a lot of little cooking videos go viral on Facebook, including ones by our favorite YouTuber, Jay from Walking with Giants. (See this video to watch him cook the tiniest omelette.) We started thinking, why not make our own videos?

Whats the first step?

So what do we need first? A studio to film in! We love Victorian dollhouses more than any other kind, so we decided to create a Victorian-inspired kitchen studio. Some inspiration came from these kitchens (photos courtesy of Pinterest).

Victorian Era Kitchen

Miniature kitchen range pinterest


We started with a room box, and painted it cream and white. The minty green is inspired by the kitchen in the historic James J Hill House, one of our favorite Minnesota landmarks! We did the floor in a light gray flagstone print paper, and added a false door on the side in the same minty green.

Then came the fun part: finishing the furniture! We painted the bottom of the kitchen worktable a creamy white, and then stained the top a deep walnut. The three-drawer dish hutch got the same walnut treatment. But we found it was hard to get even stain in all the little corners on the shelves, so we finished the back of the hutch in green-striped paper. To finish the table, we used some antiquing wax and finished with a glossy beeswax polish. Beeswax polish is the best because you can use your fingers to get into all the corners!

Some finishing touches to our kitchen studio were a hanging pot rack, which we drilled into a ‘beam’ that hangs across the top of the box, and a porcelain sink with silver fittings.

Take a look! Sadly, none of these items are available for purchase in our Shop, but they will be soon! Sign up for our email list to stay up-to-date with all of our new products!

NEW: We are loving our new photographer. She gave us some wonderful new shots of our studio! Check them out!



Hanging pot rack

 Hanging pot rack

Worktable detail

Worktable detail. Don’t you just want to take a bite from that cake?!

Full kitchen

 The whole room


We have a couple of improvements coming, such as another table for the side wall, and some decorations for those walls, but we like how its coming along! Stay tuned for more and our first video!

Tell us what you think! What food should we make for our first MNMiniMarket video?


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