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5 Ways to Finish your Miniature Four Poster Bed

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Sometimes it can get overwhelming to receive an unfinished piece of dollhouse furniture. There are so many ways you can finish it! We get that! Here’s your guide to finishing the Unfinished four poster bed.

1. Medieval

Medieval four-poster bed
Photo courtesy of the Four Poster Bed Company
  • Stain your four-poster in a deep wood stain.
  • Add some carved accents and red satin curtains.
  • Finish it off with some plushy pillows with tassels!


2. Dreamy

Dreamy four-poster bed
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Your dolls will be having sweet dreams in a four-poster like this one!

  • Drape the top, back, and posts with white silk.
  • Complete the bed with white bedding and ruffled pillows.
  • Accessorize the bedroom with white roses and an antique trunk.


3. Gothic

Gothic four-poster bed
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Let your dolls live like a king in this bed!

  • Use a deep black gel stain on your bed
  • Add lots of embellishments
  • Make bedding and pillows out of rich gold fabric
  • Add rich wallpaper and molding to the bedroom walls


4. Italian

Italian four-poster bed
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Create your own camera de letto! (Italian for bedroom)

  • Rub down your four poster bed with a deep mahogany stain
  • Polish it until it shines
  • Make curtains and bedding out of emerald green satin


5. Scandinavian

Scandinavian four-poster bed
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Give your dolls dreams of hygge in a Scandinavian-inspired bed

  • Finish your bed in pine or a whitewashed maple
  • Add cotton or linen curtains in a neutral hue
  • Complete the picture with an embroidered comforter

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