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Product Inspiration: Traditional Office

Today we thought we would give you some pointers on how to use your new Minnesota Miniatures Market products for an office scene! We staged some of our favorite office products in our Traditional Room Box. Take a look at some of the details!



Fireplace detail

We started off with our Unfinished Barewood Fireplace (3). The front decorative grate is optional, so we removed it to give us more room for some Logs in Holder (4). By the fire, we added our Brass Fireplace Tools (2). Look at that tiny brush! We added an Elegant Rug (6) in front of it, and it was the perfect place for one of our Grab-Bag Dog Figurines (5) to lie down. The scene was finished off with a majestic Spanish Galleon Painting (1) above the mantel.



Against the other wall, we added an Unfinished Kneehole Desk (8). It has removable drawers that you can fill with tiny office supplies! In front, we wheeled an Unfinished Desk Chair (7). Don’t you just really want to sit against that comfy leather back? On top of the desk, we added Books and Bookends (9) and some Packages and Mail (10).


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How would you create a tiny office? Do you want to see more product inspiration posts? Leave us a comment!

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