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Introducing our new FREE printables library

Have you ever noticed how many things there are on the internet? Here at Minnesota Miniatures Market, we know that it can be overwhelming to find all the things you need, especially for free.

So we are putting together a library of free printable products, just for you!

What are Printables?

Printables are images that have been scaled down to miniature sizes, for use in your dollhouse scenes. They can range from food labels to hatboxes to furniture appliques.

How does it work?

We find printables all over the internet. We grab the images and put them into our library, for free! You put them in your cart and checkout, no payment needed. You download them in your Account and print them as many times as you want!

We are starting out with just a few, but will be adding dozens more in the weeks to come!

How to print them?

  1. Download the image from our library.
  2. Load the paper into your printer. The paper depends on the type of thing you are printing. Food labels might be best to print on thin letter paper. A scene for a picture frame would be best on thicker cardstock.
  3. Print the image. We recommend using the highest quality print job you have available.
  4. Cut out the printables and have fun!


What do you think? Do you like using printables for your dollhouses and mini scenes? What kinds of printables would you like to see us add?

3 thoughts on “Introducing our new FREE printables library

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  2. These are great!! Keep them coming….

  3. Very helpful. Thanks

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